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       ISP RAS is associated with Moscow State University and Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology (technical university). Prof. Victor P.Ivannikov is the head of System Programming chairs of the both universities. The Institute selects the best regular and Ph.D. students to participate in R&D projects.

       ISP RAS holds a license for education from the Ministry of Education. The Institute has the own post graduate studies (25 Ph.D. students) and a Special Council to confer Ph.D. and Doctor degrees on Computer Science and Software Engineering.

       ISP RAS also holds a R&D license from the Ministry of Industry Science and Technologies, which provides some tax privileges.

       ISP RAS is one of the founders of "Programming and Computer Software", the journal of the RAS on Computer Science. Prof. Victor P. Ivannikov is the editor-in-chief of this journal.

       IEEE Computer Society created Moscow Center of IEEE CS, which is located at ISP RAS. Many employees of the Institute are members of ACM and IEEE CS.

       ISP RAS is the member of National Software Development Association (NSDA).


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