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       Employees of the Institute participated in such USSR projects as:

  • system software of the famous USSR computer BESM-6, including the first operating system D-68 (1968), the real-time operating system ND-70 (1971)
  • architecture and system software of the distributed system AS-6 (1979), which ensured for space flight control at the Mission Control Centers over ten years
  • architecture, system software and CAD/CAM system of the Electronica SS BIS supercomputer (1987)

       During the 90th ISP RAS has been developing international co-operation with academic institutions, such as GMD (Germany), NPS (USA), RAL (UK), INRIA (France), CDAC (India) with the support of Russian and international research grants. As a result, some public domain software was developed (free SQL server, mpC, etc). It can be found at ISP RAS downloads.

       At the same time the Institute has been developing the cooperation, as a contractor, with Industry: Intel, Nortel Networks, Microsoft Research, Telelogic, KLOCwork Solutions Corporation, Freehand DSP, ATS etc. In the issue technologies and software have been developed for such areas as compilers, reverse engineering, formal specification and automatic test generation, cross systems for DSP, distributed OO systems, XML and OODB integration etc. More detailed information can be found at the R&D groups pages.


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