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Adaptive control methods department of ISP RAS

Main direction of scientific activity of our department is research and development of adaptive control systems based on bionic principles. The main concept underlying our systems is called Autonomous Adaptive Control (AAC) Method. It is a conceptual model of nervous system developed by our department. This model is not derived from learning of neurophysiologic knowledge or study of other models. It is based on approach that considers nervous system as a "black box", which should work under the same conditions in which nervous systems of a living being works (autonomy of "control s ystem" of the organism, high uncertainty of initial knowledge about environment, fixed set of sensors, discretely of nervous pulses, etc). This approach turned out to be fruitful, because it leads us to "re-inventions" of such elements of nervous systems which nature has invented long time ago, but which nature and functions has been hidden until it was supposed and proved by our model. Detailed description of AAC method can be found here.
Staying on basis of AAC approach, we also look for possibilities of collaboration with other wide known technologies of control system developing like artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, determined chaotic processors, and other. Such endeavors make AAC method closer to these technologies, enriching AAC systems and expanding these technologies by applications to AAC technology.
We develop applied adaptive control systems based on AAC method for technical and other types of objects and systems. Examples of such systems are available at Downloads page. Education activity of our department is connected with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), where we give lectures for students of Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Management, and postgraduate school of ISP RAS and MIPT.








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