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  • On 8th of September at 15-00 in Conference hall of Institute for System Programming of RAS defence of dissertation of Karavaev Maxim took place.
    Theme of dissertation — "Application of fuzzy logic in autonomous adaptive systems", science chief - doctor of sciences, professor Zhdanov Alexander .

    Autoreferat of dissertation (280 kb).

  • Alexander Zhdanov and Tamara Naumkina took part in XI International conference "SPEECH AND COMPUTER", in Saint-Petersburg. This conference is devoted to problems and progresses in the field of native intercommunion between human and computer. Zhdanov present speech "Automatic origin of a language in AAC neuron-like systems" in section "Fundamentals of Speech research".

    Alexander Zhdanov, Alexander Kondukov, Tamara Naumkina, Olga Dmitrienko, Automatic origin of a in AAC neuron-like systems:
    Proceedings of the 11th International Conference "Speech and Computer SPECOM'2006, pages 550 - 554

  • Alexander Kondukov has defended his master degree thesis on subject "Multilevel autonomous control system for mobile robot" at FCMC MSU. Alexander has earned the highest degree.

    This work is devoted to exploration of approaches of multilevel control organization in autonomous adaptive control systems. Examined approach is based on concept of decomposition of subsystems of autonomous adaptive control system into layers, each of them is corresponds to appropriate control level. Realization of this approach in applied control system of the given controlled object – mobile robot, has been demonstrated. Results of experimental researches of developed control system properties have been presented.

    Robot learning demonstration video (11,6 Mb)

  • Artem Chernodub took part in annual scientific conference "Academicals Cosmonautic lections" in MSTU of Bauman with presentation about Designer 4GN system.

    Download presentation

  • Artem Chernodub gave talk at annual scientific conference "Neuroinformatic - 2006" in section "Models of adaptive behavior" with subject "Emergency stable adaptive autopilot based on autonomous adaptive control method". Maxim Karavaev also took part in this conference with stand presentation.

    Download presentation

  • Bachelor degree thesis "Program-mathematical model of adaptive control system for inverted pendulum for Designer 4GN tool" has been defended by E. Chernenko in Simulation system department of ISP RAS.

    Main result of his work is implementation of module for Designed 4GN system which emulates model of inverted pendulum. "Inverted pendulum" is a trolley with pendulum fixed on it from one side.

    To moving trolley for keeping pendulum in vertical position is a "common criteria" task for classical control systems. This software module for Designer 4GN can be used as "benchmark" test for control systems developed in our department.

    Also it can be used as "reference" example for students of our department.
  • Andrey Tantsyev defended his bachelor degree thesis named "User identification by movement of mouse pointer" on 27th of June 2005. He has earned the highest mark. This program makes correct identification of the user by recognition of the trajectory of mouse pointer.
  • Stats Ostrickiy has defended bachelor degree thesis "Decision making system based on patterns compared in communion" on 27th of June of 2005. He has earned the highest mark. In his work he shown the effect of gradual transition from coarse to fine level of reception and control of the system during learning of the control system.

  • Artem Chernodub has defended his work "Program-physical model of airplane autopilot based on Autonomous Adaptive method", which had been done in our department. Main goal of this work is to develop physical model of "environment-airplane-AAC control system (autopilot)" system, which helps to demonstrating advantages of autonomous adaptive control in real-time.

    All this hard work had been done by four students (A.Vorontcov, D.Eliseev, I.Mokrov, A.Chernodub) under supervision of Artem Chernodub. This work had been proposed on the contest CSIDC 2005 - Computer Society International Design Competition, IEEE Computer Society.

  • On 13th of May (on Friday!) Alexander Kondukov defended his course work отличной оценкой защищена курсовая работа "Machine vision for mobile robot based on modeling of reception fields" , he defense has was performed at FCMC MSU on 13th of May. Alexander has ear on FCMC MSU with highest degree. All works have been done in our department.

  • On 11th of May 2005 Mikhail Burcev took part in seminar of our department with presentation "Researches of new types of self-organizing and genesis of behavior strategies based on models of artificial life".

  • In April of 2005 our department has published special papers corpus "New approaches in neuron-like and based on knowledge systems". It is completely devoted to ongoing and developed research projects of our department.
    [Труды Института системного программирования: Том 7, Новые подходы в нейроноподобных и основанных на знаниях системах. /Под ред. А.А. Жданова/ - М.: ИСП РАН, 2004 - 174c.. Авторы статей сборника: А.Л.Микаэлян, Б.В.Крыжановский, Г.Я. Кантор, А.Б. Эфрон, М.В. Караваев, В.Б. Новосельцев, Е.А. Романчук, C. А. Бондаренко, Б.М. Магомедов, В.Г. Редько, Л.В. Земских, Е.К. Самаров, А.А.Жданов, В.В. Бабкова, А.В. Сыцко, А.Е. Устюжанин, Д.Б. Липкевич, А.Е. Антипов, А.А. Жданов.]

  • Maxim Karavaev took part in VII All-Russian science-technique conference "Neuroinformatics — 2005" (Moscow) on 28th of January 2005 with paper "4GN — tool for developing of neuro-like control systems based on method of autonomous adaptive control ".
    Paper published: [ А.А. Жданов, А.Е. Устюжанин, М.В. Караваев, Д.Б. Липкевич. 4 GN -инструмент для разработки нейроноподобных адаптивных систем управления на основе метода автономного адаптивного управления. Сборник научных трудов Всероссийской научно-технической конференции Нейроинформатика-2005: Часть 1. М.: МИФИ. С. 203-209 ].

  • Alexander Zhdanov gave a talk on 28th of January 2005 on XXIX Academicals Cosmonautic lections of 2005th year (Moscow) about "Neuron-nets self-learning method of adaptive control of dynamic objects",
    paper published: [Жданов А.А., Устюжанин А.Е., Караваев М.В. Нейросетевой самообучаемый метод адаптивного управления динамическими объектами. Материалы XXIX Академических чтений по космонавтике, 2005 год. М.: 2005. с. 93.]

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