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Adaptive Control Methods Department of ISP RAS has more than 10-year research experience in adaptive control system design and artificial intelligence areas. Foundation of our researches is "Autonomous Adaptive Control", methodology that was proposed by head of our department Prof. Alexander A. Zhdanov. Almost whole web site is dedicated to various aspects of this methodology. Details are available online as well in publications section.

To visitors of our website that were attracted by keywords: adaptive control, decision making systems, neural networks, robotics, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, we may suggest to.

• Get overview information about Autonomous Adaptive Control (AAC) methodology as PowerPoint presentation, scientific articles about this methodology and demo-programs that show some main principles of our systems.

•  Place an order for developing adaptive control system for your domain such as: communications, flying and swimming machines, vehicles, household devices, medical devices and other systems. There is no sense to enumerate the whole list of such devices. We are completely sure that ANY DEVICE (SYSTEM, MECHANISM, AND ETC) NEEDS ADAPTIVE CONTROL, even if you didn’t think about it. Please, point out us any device and we will analyze and report ability of applying artificial intelligent systems in it.

For Russian and foreign customers we have developed the following adaptive control systems:

  • AdCAS - adaptive control system of car suspension (Customer ATS Soft, Denmark);
  • Pilot - adaptive control system for satellite orientation (Customer LaSpace);
  • Tactican - prototype of adaptive control system for decision making support of social objects control (Customer Russian President Programs Center).
  • GNOM # 8 - neuron-based adaptive control system for mobile robot control with target function “production of behavior stereotypes for avoiding obstacles”

You may create your own applied control system, if you order development environment ISIADIS. This tool was specially developed for providing automation in the design and development process of artificial intelligent systems.

We may provide learning courses for your staff for AAC methodology and using ISIADIS.

We are also warmly welcome scientific collaboration with scientists and researchers that are working in such areas as: artificial intelligence, adaptive control systems, decision making systems, artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, robotics.

All questions, concerned with common work on projects with Adaptive Control Methods Departmnet of ISP RAS you can discuss with executive staff of the Institute, or directly with director of ISP RAS, Prof. Victor P. Ivannikov, e-mail: .












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