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      CASE – modern tool support for industrial software development.

      Department for CASE tools of the Institute for System Programming (short for Computer-Aided    Software Engineering tools ) performs research and development in the area of modern tool support for software development. Department of CASE tools performs world-leading research in building next-generation model-based tools that accelerate software development through the use of formal modeling techniques, automated transformations, including advanced code generation techniques, managed software architectures, validation and verification, especially at the early phases of the development process. Current members of research staff of the Department for CASE tools actively participate in international standardization on formal software development techniques in OMG and ITU-T. Department for CASE tools develops methodologies and tools in the following two main directions:

  • Tool support for Managed Software Architectures (inSight project). This direction addresses architecture–centric software development, tools support for Software Product Lines, automated extraction of formal models from existing software, as well as tools for accelerating maintenance and remodularization of existing (legacy) software
  • Executable scenarios (MOST project). This direction addresses methodologies of Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering, use case-driven software engineering

      CASE department collaborates with software-vendor company Klocwork, Inc. ( Klocwork is based in Ottawa (Canada).

      Every year staff members of the Department for CASE tools publish 3-4 research papers in the leading research magazines and in proceeding of the major international conferences.

      Staff members of the Department for CASE tools participate in Programme Committees of the international conferences.

      Head of Department, Dr. Nikolai Mansurov is a founding member of the World-Wide Institute of Software Architects,WWISA, (, member of IEEE Computer Society, ACM, and SDL Forum Society.

      Several staff members of the Department are members of ACM and WWISA.


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