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       The history of our team began in 1982 when we were engaged to the development and implementation of system software for the Elektronika SS-BIS supercomputer (similar of Cray 1): Assembly Language Programming System including Linker and Loader, as well as PL/1, Fortran 77, Pascal, and ANSI C optimizing and parallelizing compilers were designed.

       The C CLOS project started in 1984. C CLOS is an object-oriented superset of ANSI C language with active objects (actors). All actors are permanently executed in parallel each in a separate process. In 1987 - 1988 a C CLOS compiler was implemented.

       C[ ] language - C superset supporting SIMD programming was developed in 1990. Vector types representing Cray 1 vector registers and corresponding functional devices were added. In 1995 C[ ] was used as a base for mpC language.

       In 1992 the team designed and implemented the SQL compiler and request optimizer for free SQL server developed in ISP and supported by Free Software Foundation.

       Later in 1994 -1995 the Protel and Protel 2 optimizing compilers for HPUX were developed. Protel and Protel 2 are Nortel Networks- languages used for implementation of switch operating system and other system software.

       In 1995 -1999 the possibility of parallel programming in standard Java environment was explored. High-level object models DPJ and Java-DVM were designed. The work was performed in the framework of joint Project with IRISA-INRIA (Rennes, France), RAL (Oxford, UK), KIAM (Moscow) supported by INTAS-RFBR.

       The research of program obfuscation and deobfuscation methodologies started in 2000. In the framework of the project for Cloakware Corp. initial version of Integrated Research Environment (IRE) was designed and implemented. IRE was applied for studying obfuscation strategies and techniques as well as for classification of various strategies of attacks on obfuscated (cloaked) programs.


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