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  • Integrated research environment (IRE) for program transformation. The IRE is being developed with a purpose to provide a convenient environment to study program analysis and transformation methods and their impact on the programs. Also the environment may be used to study programs themselves.

  • The ParJava is an extension of Java environment by facilities supporting development of effective scalable portable object-oriented parallel programs to be executed using computer systems with distributed memory (clusters). The instrumental computing system supporting development of such programs may be both homogeneous and heterogeneous. Implementation of standard communication library MPI (Message Passing Interface) is used for providing inter-process communications.

  • Parallel extension of Java is made by means of Java itself, namely by DPJ class library, containing the set of Java classes and interfaces.

  • Java-DVM is object model of SPMD programming. It was designed to support development of effective scalable parallel programs for large-scale computational problems. DVM model has been developed in Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS (KIAM).


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