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       You can get description of DPJ class library.


       Now you can download the DPJ class library.


       The DPJ is implemented for Solaris 2.3 - 2.5 OS. The following programs must be installed:

  • Java 1.1.x - Requires the Java 1.2 compliant virtual machine and compiler.
  • MPI LAM implementation (version 6.0 or later) installed.
  • Links between the parallel program components are carried out by means of MPI Java Wrapper.


       To install our package you should:

  • place our package in "destination" directory on each node of your multicomputer;
  • type gunzip dpj.tar.gz | tar xvf
  • set the following environment variables on each node of you multicomputer inside your .profile:
    • LD_LIBRAY_PATH = "destination"/lib
    • PATH = "destination"/bin
    • CLASSPATH = "destination"
    • LAMHOME = "destination"
    • You can write schema file (e.g. bhost.lam) in "destination"/boot subdirectory (this file contains names of all workstations you will use for your parallel program)

Usage instructions

       To run parallel Java programm named "package.ParallelProgram" you should:


       Please send your comments, questions or suggestions.


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