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       You may download the integrated research environment IRE.

System requirements

       The IRE is mostly written in Java programming language, but it does contain significant parts, written in C. We did the best to achieve portability of the C part of the IRE, however the C part was tested on Linux/i386 and Win32 platforms only. On other platforms you will need to compile C files from sources.

       To run the IRE you need the Java 2 SDK version 1.3.1 or Java Runtime Environment version 1.3.1. Java SDK and JRE for a number of platforms are available from Sun's site at To compile C to MIF converter (rcc) and dynamic libraries on Win32 platform you will need the Cygwin environment, available from Note, that the compiled executables and dynamic libraries do not require Cygwin for their operation.


       The IRE is distributed in two separate parts. The first is the main IRE and all the program analysis and transformation algorithms. This part is written in Java programming language, the distribution included .java and .class files.

       Another part is C to MIF converter, which is written in C and distributed in source code, as well as in precompiled form for Win32 and Linux platforms.

  1. Download the main IRE classes from poirot-20020508.tgz. This archive contains the sources and compiled .class files.

  2. Then download either precompiled version of the C to MIF converter from
    c-sema-0.9.11-win32.tgz (Win32)
    c-sema-0.9.11-linux.tgz (Linux)
    c-sema-0.9.11.tgz (source code).
  1. Choose the directory, where the system will be installed. Let this directory is called INSTDIR.
  2. Extract the java archive in this directory. A new directory called `poirot' will appear in INSTDIR.
  3. Extract the C to MIF converter in the INSTDIR directory. A new directory `c-sema' will appear in INSTDIR.

       If you have changed any java file, or have removed all .class files, you need to recompile the IRE. To do this change the current directory to INSTDIR/poirot and issue the following command: oldjavac ru/msu/poirot/gui/ If you have downloaded the C to MIF converter, you need to compile it. To do so, change the current directory to INSTDIR/c-sema, then issue the command


and then (if configure completes successfully), issue the command



       To start the IRE change the current directory to INSTDIR/ire and issue the following command:

      java -cp . ru.msu.poirot.gui.GUImain

       The main window of the IRE will pop up.

       Short description of available functions of IRE.


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