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Research of obfuscation and deobfuscation algorithms and methods

       Informally, program obfuscation is transformation of a program, which preserves its functionality, but makes it unreadable and hardly understandable for humans. Program obfuscation is a method of program (and more generally, information) protection. In the scope of this subproject we research resilience of various publicly available obfuscation techniques against different general-purpose program analysis algorithms as well as specially designed deobfuscation algorithms. Currently we are focused on source-level C program obfuscation, but also have plans to study java (jvm) level obfuscation and assembly (machine code) level obfuscation. Some obfuscation and deobfuscation algorithms are implemented in the IRE framework.

       Part of work was performed under contract with Cloakware Corp. (

       We collaborate with DMA team of our institute.


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