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       ParJava environment is currently available to any developers who want to design effective scalable portable object-oriented parallel programs.

       You can download the ParJava 0.1 environment. There are precompiled versions of the ParJava environment for Solaris 2.6 and Linux Mandrake 7.0.


       The ParJava is implemented for Solaris and Linux OS. The following programs must be installed:

  • ND LAM - This communication environment contanins all MPI routines and functionality. The ParJava is developed and tested using version 6.3.1 of LAM. Newer versions will probably work, but this cannot be guaranteed as in this version.
  • Java 1.2 - It is the Java 1.2 virtual machine, compiler and toolkit.
  • GCC 2.95 - It is a C/C++ compiler for making machine-depending libraries, basically for MPI binding to Java


       Please send your comments, questions or suggestions.


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