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High-level object models

       ParJava environment includes high-level object models providing automatic data distribution and exchange for some classes of SPMD programs. In present the following three high-level object models are supported:

  • DVM
  • DPJ
  • JScaLA

       Java-DVM is object model of SPMD programming. It was designed to support development of effective scalable parallel programs for large-scale computational problems. DVM model has been developed in Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS (KIAM ).


       Problem of Java language usage for development of data-parallel programs using the SPMD model of parallel execution is discussed. The sequential components of parallel program are executed in parallel on distinct JavaVMs running on processors of the parallel computer (called multicomputer). Links between the parallel program components are carried out by means of Java Wrapper of the standard message passing interface package MPI. Parallel extension of Java is made by means of Java itself, namely by DPJ class library, containing the set of Java classes and interfaces.


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