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      Extension of standard Java environment by facilities supporting SPMD programming
      In the framework of the project the following research sub-projects are hold:

  • Research and development of interactive tools for SPMD-program refinement in ParJava environment (Grant RFBR 02-01-02-01-00961)
  • Integrated environment supporting development of portable parallel programs (Grant RFBR 02-07-02-07-90302)

Cluster Management System:

      System software for managing clusters and wide area computational networks is implemented
      In the framework of the project the following sub-projects is hold:

  • Data distributed parallel programming systems for heterogeneous computer networks (Contract with Russian Ministry of Industry, Science, and Technologies No37.

Program Transformation Environment:

      An integrated environment for program analysis and transformation, including program obfuscation/deobfuscation, and dynamic (feedback-directed) program optimization

Universal Quantitative Qualifier (UQQ):

      UQQ performs abstract pattern recognition using clusterization and can serve as a kernel for various systems, where clusterization is possible to be applied
      It should be useful for estimation of conditions, forecast and decision-making.

"Doctor's Partner":

      The system of information support of treatment


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