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       The members of our group are specialists in different branches of mathematics and computer science: combinatorics, complexity of algorithms, probabilistic methods, applied logics, formal methods of program analysis, logic programming, mathematical cryptography and algebraic topology.

       The members of our group teach four courses for students (Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology and Moscow State University): complexity of combinatorial algorithms, temporal logics and formal program analysis, mathematical cryptography, foundations of numerical calculations.

       We developed, implemented and investigated:

  • approximate algorithms for integer programs (IP) based on randomized rounding
  • some graph algorithms (cycle generation, optimization of survivable networks based on p-cycles, etc)
  • approximate algorithms for large scale linear programming.
  • fast algorithms in algebra and computational geometry
       We had: Six month research project with Nortel Networks (Ottawa) concerning design and optimization of survivable optical networks based on the p-cycle approach (2000).

       Research project with Cloakware Corp. (Ottawa) during 2000-2001 concerning analysis of security of software protection techniques.

       Grants RFBR (1996-1998) and Ministry of Science (1997-1998) concerning development and analysis of network optimization problems with distributed data and limited communications.


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