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       This is a short list of our publications. The full list of group members publications can be found at

An approach to the obfuscation of control-flow of sequential computer programs:

S. Chow, Y. Gu, H. Johnson, V.A.Zakharov
      Lecture Notes in Computer Science, V. 2200, 2001, p.144-155.(download zip-compressed ps file, size 84458 bytes)

To the obfuscation of sequential program control-flow:

      Proceedings of the XII Baykal International Conference, Irkutsk, Baykal, June 24 - July 01, 2001, V.5, p. 57-61.

The equivalence model for computational models: Decidable and Undecidable Cases:

      Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Vol. 2055, 2001, p.133-153.(download zip-compressed ps file, size 105774 bytes)

On the decidability of the equivalence problem for orthogonal sequential programs:

      Grammars, Kluer Academic Publishers, 1999, v.2, N 3, p.271-281.(download zip-compressed ps file, size 86618 bytes)

On the refinement of logic programs by means of anti-unification:

      Proceedings of the 2nd Panhellenic Logic Symposium, Delphi, Greece, 1999, p.219-224.(download zip-compressed ps file, size 55299 bytes)

An Efficient and Unified Approach to the Decidability of Equivalence of Propositional Program Schemes:

      Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 1998, V.1443, p.247-259.

On the verification of PLTL formulae by means of monotone disjunctive normal forms:

      Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 1997, V.1234, p.419-429.(download zip-compressed ps file, size 66176 bytes)

Cryptography in Banking:

M.I. Anokhin, N.P. Varnovsky, V.M. Sidelnikov, V.V. Yashchenko
      MIPE, 1997 (in Russian)

Cryptography and Computational Complexity:

N.P. Varnovsky
      Matematicheskoje Prosveshchenije, Ser. 3, N 2, 1998, 71--86 (in Russian)

Cryptographic Protocols. In: Introduction to Cryptography:

N.P. Varnovsky
      Yashchenko V. V. Ed., MCCME, CheRo, 1998, 1999, 2000, 41--85 (in Russian)

Brands of zero-knowledge proofs:

N.P. Varnovsky, Proc. 11th
      Workshop on Synthesys and Control Systems Complexity (Niznij Novgorod, November 20--25, 2000). Lomonosov University Publishing, Moscow, 2001, 22--38 (in Russian)

Explicit constructions of Rodl's asymptotically good packings and coverings:

N.N. Kuzjurin
      Combin. Probab. Comput. v. 9, 2000, No. 3, 265-276.(download zip-compressed ps file, size 80106 bytes)

On the number of nearly perfect matchings in almost regular uniform hypergraphs:

A. Asratian, N.N. Kuzjurin
      Discrete Math. v.207, 1999, 1-8.(download zip-compressed ps file, size 60945 bytes)

Distributed desicion making:

N.N. Kuzjurin
      (Russian) Combinatorial Optimization Methods, Moscow, Computer Center, 1997, 30-36.

On the difference between asymptotically good packings and coverings:

N.N. Kuzjurin
      European J. Combin. 1995, v. 16, No. 1, 35-40.

On $(n,k,l,\Delta)$-systems:

S.D. Cohen, N.N. Kuzjurin
      Proc. Edinburg Math. Soc., 1995, v. 38, No. 1, 53-62.

A parallel algorithm for fixed-dimensional linear programming:

N.N. Kuzjurin, L.V. Shabanov
      Parallel Algorithms and Applications, 1995, v. 5, N 34, 17-24.

Multiprocessor scheduling and expanders:

N.N. Kuzjurin
      Inform. Process. Lett. 1994, v. 51, N 6, 315-319.

Metric aspects of the theory of integer programming:

N.N. Kuzjurin
      (Russian) Discret. Mat. 1994, v. 6, No. 4, 87-106, English translation in Discrete Math. Appl. 4 (1994), No. 6, 499-517.

An algorithm for integer programming polynomial in the average case:

N.N. Kuzjurin
      (Russian) Sibirsk. Zh. Issled. Oper., 1994, v. 1, No. 3, 38-48.

On the relationship between optima of linear and integer linear programming problems:

N.N. Kuzjurin
      (Russian) Discret. Mat. 1991, v.3, No. 1, 98 - 104, translation in Discrete Math. Appl. 2 (1992), No. 3, 305-311.

On the automorphism conjecture for products of ordered sets:

N.N. Kuzjurin
      Order, 1992, v. 9, No. 3, 205-208.

A parallel $O(log^2 n)$-time algorithm for the set balancing problem:

N.N. Kuzjurin
      (Russian) Discret. Mat. 1992, v. 3, N 4, English translation in Discrete Math. Appl. 2 (1992), No. 5, 483-488.

Parallel computations: theory and algorithms:

N.N. Kuzjurin, M.A.Frumkin
      (Russian) Itogi nauki, Ser. Vychislit. nauki, VINITI, 1991, v. 8, 3 - 211.

Asymptotically exact polynomial algorithms in integer linear programming:

N.N. Kuzjurin
      (Russian) Discret. Mat., 1989, v.1, No. 2, 78 - 85, English translation in Discrete Math. Appl. v. 1 (1991) No. 2, 171-178.

A new approximation algorithm for positive linear programming:

S.A. Fomin
      Discrete Analysis and Operations Research, Ser. 2, 2001, v. 8, N 2, 52-72.

Landveber-Novikov algebra and formal vector fields on the superline:

V.M.Buchshtaber and A.V.Shokurov
      (In Russian) Functional analysis and its applications, v.12, n.3, Moscow 1978, pp.1- 11

Groups of formal diffeomorphisms of the superline, generating functions for polynomial sequences and functional equations:

V.M.Buchshtaber and A.N.Kholodov
      Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. Matem. 53 (5) (1989) 944-970.

Boas-Buck structures on polynomial sequences:

V.M.Buchshtaber and A.N.Kholodov
      Funk. analysis. 23 (4) (1989) 11-23.

Parallel algorithms for construction of a convex hull:

      Voprosy Kibernetiki. Simulation and development of applied software for super-computers (In Russian), Moscow, 1992.

Algorithm for finding extreme points of a set in $n$-dimensional Euclidean space with the use of linear programming:

      (In Russian) Voprosy Kibernetiki. Applications of system programming, Moscow, 1995.

Dynamic algorithm of computation of cells of Voronoy diagram on a plane with restrictions:

      (In Russian) Problems of cybernetics. Applications of system programming, Moscow, 1997.

An approach to quantitative analysis of resistance of data encodings in tamper-resistant software:

      Preprint 2001, in 'The Mathematics Preprint Server-Elsevier'.(download zip-compressed ps file, size 93344 bytes)


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