Cross Tools for Embedded Systems
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Cross Development Tools for Embedded Systems

       Modern tends in hardware solutions lead to a great number of different specific hardware systems to arise. There are hundreds of different micro-processor architectures working around the world. That's why there is a strong need in creating custom cross tools to enable fast application development for all these hardware solutions. Currently iGroup specializes in  configurable cross development tools creation. The group has specific experience in embedded hardware systems (particularly DSP). The following components are meant by the cross development tools that we develop for customer specific hardware systems:
  • Instruction Set Simulator
  • Macro Assembler
  • Linker
  • Library Manager
  • Disassembler
  • Optimizing C Compiler (including DSP-C extensions)
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with visual Debugger and Profiler embedded (similar to MS Visual Studio, ADI VisualDSP++, etc.)
  • Program Analysis and Statistics Tools
  • Testing Environment and Specifications Validation Tools

       All the tools can run on Windows or UNIX platform providing application and system programmers with a visual development environment similar to MS Visual Studio where they can efficiently create, debug, simulate and profile target applications even before actual hardware is ready. With the help of our analytics, profiling and statistics tools leveraged by advanced visual debugging methods, users can easily create optimal application solutions quickly transforming general ideas into final firmware binaries for their targets.


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