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       iGroup has strong experience in developing cross development software tools using well tuned production process targeted at fast tools' creation and updates. The production process is supported by unique proprietary automation tools and reusable IP blocks (see MetaDSP project) with lots of man-years out-of-box, which enables very short period for creating ready tools and subsequent updates to support HW/SW co-design process and HW Design Space Exploration. Software development process in the group leverages elements of such agile methodologies as  SCRUM and Extreme Programming, which allows the group to effectively perform both long-term and high intensity short-term projects. iGroup's staff consists exclusively from the former graduates of elite Russian Universities (Master's Degrees and PhDs of MSU and MIPT) with strong background both in fundamental science and industry software production.

       iGroup owns many reusable software components, internal productivity and source generation tools to support fast high quality software production process in the field of cross development tools (specially for embedded and DSP systems - see Cross Development Tools for Embedded Systems project). This means the group is capable to develop a full set of cross-tools for a new custom hardware (from Assembler to C compiler and IDE) in shortest time and optimized quality.

       We are open for collaboration ranging from academical research to industrial projects development including leading edge technologies where smart research and innovative ideas are needed. An optimized project team is usually created to meet specific needs of each customer. Apart of the iGroup staff, experts from other groups are always available to support us.

       Please contact us vie e-mail if you have any questions and/or proposals.


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