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       iGroup publications presented here involve results of early iGroup projects only (till 2001) in the field of Database Systems (group results of the recent years are commercial and confidential). Meanwhile, some general research articles and affiliated students' diplomas (in russian) may be found in the russian version of this page:

Methods for Mapping Objects to Relational Databases:

      V. V. Rubanov
      ISP RAS Proceedings, vol. 3, pp. 137-162, Moscow 2002.
      Various methods for mapping object data to relational databases are researched in this paper. Object and relational paradigms are analyzed and new mapping mechanisms are proposed. Performance issues are specially considered.

Object-Relational System ODESTOR:

      V. V. Rubanov, M.A. Mitkevich, D.A. Markovtsev, A.I. Grinevich
      ISP RAS Proceedings, vol. 3, pp. 163-176, Moscow 2002.
      Implementation details for developed at ISP RAS object-relational automatic mapping system ODESTOR are described in this paper. User scenarios are considered for each module for forward and reverse engineering cases. Internal architecture is revealed.

Problems for Organizing Object-Oriented Access to Relational Databases:

      K. V. Antipin, V. V. Rubanov
      ISP RAS Proceedings, vol. 2, pp. 75-88, Moscow 2001.
      The article discusses the problems of interaction between object-oriented programs and relational databases. On the basis of the analysis of different software and international standards there is made an attempt to single out the peculiarities of persistency service of different object-oriented programs. As one of the possible solutions a three-tier architecture Client/Intermediary/RDBMS is introduced providing access to the persistent data where Intermediary carries out the functions of an insulating layer between object-oriented and relational paradigms. Particular attention is concentrated on the problems of representing of objects and different types of their interrelations that take place in object-oriented models by means of relational databases.

The Object-Oriented Environment Providing Access to Relational DBMS:

      V. P. Ivannikov, S. S. Gaysaryan, K. V. Antipin, V. V. Rubanov
      ISP RAS Proceedings, vol. 2, pp. 89-114, Moscow 2001.
      In this paper we describe an object-oriented (OO) programming environment that makes it possible to organize transparent access to the relational database from OO program. Definitions of the necessary terms are given and object model environment discussed including the language for constructing database schemes and query language with the help of which searching and processing of persistent objects is performed. The general algorithms of work are adduced as well as the stages of the OO program being developed. The architecture described is based is based on the object-oriented databases standard ODMG 2.0 and realizes a certain subset of this standard. On the basis of the description we made we plan to realize a prototype of the three-tier architecture system providing for OO programming of tasks concerning persistent data storing in the RDBMS.


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