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Design and development of portable multiuser DBMS, which supports the SQL89 standard with some extensions from SQL92

       GNU SQL Server implements highly isolated transactions, and static & dynamic query compilation. Both, client & server sides of the system work on Unix-like systems. Client/server interaction is based on an RPC mechanism. The server subproceses facility requires message passing and memory sharing facilities.

Free C++ ORB

       ISP C++ ORB is a tool for development of distributed software. ORB plays the role of communicator between different components of distributed applications which can run on the different platforms.
       ISP C++ ORB is compliant with OMG Common Object Request Broker Architecture 2.0 (CORBA 2.0) standard.
       Implementation of IDL/C++ mapping superstructure developed by our group is also included. This superstructure can be applicated to any CORBA 2.0 compliant C++ ORB. It provides possibility to increase reliability and usage convinience of IDL/C++ mapping.
       Implementation of ISP C++ ORB does not rely on new features of C++ language (such as exception handling and namespaces). And so it can be compiled by various C++ compiler versions (checked for g++ 2.7.2, 2.8, egcs). It can be installed on main Unix platforms and also on Windows 95/98/NT under CygWin (checked for version 20.1).
       This implementation supports both single-thread and multi-thread environments (CygWin doesn't support posix threads, so only single-thread variant for Windows platforms is available).
       ISP C++ ORB can be installed and used in both modes: as shared or not shared library.

       Here you can get free beta version 1.0 of ISP C++ ORB.

       And now version 1.1.1 is available.

SXML Toolset

       SXML tools.


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