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       MODIS stands for Management Of Data & Information Systems. This direction was among major ones for the whole professional history of older specialists currently working with ISP RAS. The first separated MODIS team was established in late 80s. The area of MODIS R&D included relational DBMSs design and development as well as object-based distributed information system technology. Recent R&D activity of MODIS team is concentrated on XML-based heterogeneous data integration.

       Current staff of MODIS team consists of young and strongly motivated R&D people as well as experienced advisers. All major team members graduated from two main Russian universities: Moscow State University (MSU) and State University of Physics and Technology (MIPT). All of they started their professional activity within the MODIS team when being undergraduates. The team also includes several undergraduates of the same universities.

       As mentioned above the major R&D interests of the MODIS team are currently concentrated among XML-based technology for heterogeneous data integration. More specifically, the current R&D work includes (among others):

  • High-level modeling and querying of integrated data
  • Object-oriented modeling of XML-data
  • XML-based model transformations
  • XML query optimization
  • Functional techniques for XML data processing
  • XML-based data integration engine architectures


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