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GNU SQL Server:

      Design and development of portable multiuser DBMS, which supports the SQL89 standard with some extensions from SQL92
      Abstract. GNU SQL Server implements highly isolated transactions, and static & dynamic query compilation. Both, client & server sides of the system work on Unix-like systems. Client/server interaction is based on an RPC mechanism. The server subproceses facility requires message passing and memory sharing facilities.


      Implementing OMG CORBA 2.0 compliant ORB
      Abstract. The project was aimed at two major goals. First to provide the team with test-bed for future research on object-based distributed technology. Second to gain experience in implementing CORBA-based distributive system.


      Design and development of heterogeneous data integration system based on virtual approach
      Investigation of approaches and techniques on heterogeneous data integration on the basis of XML/UML technologies. BizQuery UML&XML-based data integration system. The system provides facilities for enterprise data modeling and integration and for easy access to integrated data that can be XML or relational data. Much effort was applied on investigation of possible techniques for XML/relational data joining and processing as well as query optimization.

SXML Toolset:

      Development of functional techniques for XML data processing
      In SXML Toolset project we aimed at research and development of techniques for SXML data maintenance and processing. Basically we were focused on elaborating of the following SXML processing facilities: SXPath, SXLink, SSAX, STX. Project results prove applicability of functional methods for effective processing of XML data.


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