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       mpC group specializes in parallel programming for heterogeneous parallel systems.

       We have developed mpC parallel programming language and its programming environment. It has been listed among the most significant achievements of the Russian Academy of Sciences in computer science for the last 15 years.

       Before being involved in mpC project members of our group took part in:

  • development of Fortran 77 compiler for Russian Cray-like supercomputer Electronica SSBIS

  • design and development of C[ ] programming language for vector and superscalar computers

  • computer modeling of the man-steering vehicle

       We have wide experience in development of parallel applications for homogeneous and heterogeneous parallel systems, for example, in linear algebra and computational fluid dynamic kernels. We are experts in:

  • Development of parallel system programming software

  • Parallelizing of legacy sequential code

  • Adaptation of legacy parallel code developed for homogeneous parallel system for heterogeneous parallel environment

  • Development of new high quality parallel applications

       Our main software product mpC programming environment is available as free software from our web site since early 1997. It runs on variety Unix like Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX. Its development was funded with numerous grants of the Office of Naval Research (USA), Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Ministry of Science, A.M. Liapunov French-Russian Institute, and Russian Academy of Sciences.


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