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       Progress in network technology makes commodity networks the real alternative to supercomputers. More and more people begin to use this most popular platform for parallel computing in industry, finance, science and other areas because it provides better total cost of ownership and is easy to upgrade. As a rule a network consists of computers of different performance. This heterogeneity is the main obstacle for exploit full performance potential of the networks for parallel computing. In the middle of the 90-s we recognized that network of computers in the near future would be attractive platform for parallel computing and began to develop mpC - a tool intended for parallel programming heterogeneous networks. It allows utilize as full as possible performance potential of the usual networks of computers with taking into account difference in processor performances.

    The first version of the mpC programming environment for Unix based networks became available via Internet from Institute-s web-site early in 1997. Now version 2.2.0 for Unix is available as free software for download. mpC Integrated Development Environment for Windows is under development now.


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