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  • - This download contains the description of syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of J@va and C@++, specification extensions of Java and C++ languages, intended to be used in automated test development processes. Along with that the document provides some explanations on decisions made during the design of the languages (in Russian language).

  • - This download demonstrates CTesK-Superlite technology for testing software written in C. The testing is based on the formal specifications written in slightly extended C. The technology is supported by platform-independent tool which can be used as a standalone tool, as an add-on for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. (with an installation instruction and a found and incorrect errors list).

  • - This download demonstrates the Vdm++TesK tool, which is an add-on tool that extends features of the IFAD VDM++Tool box. Vdm++TesK provides the developer of VDM++ models with new features of test suite design and development, that allow to essentially increase the quality of the models and, thus, to contribute to increasing of reliability and other quality characteristics of the target software (with an installation instruction and a found and incorrect errors list).

  • - This download demonstrates the applicability of formal techniques to specification and verification of complex API like IPv6 implementation, shows feasibility of the approach for specification and verification of Windows NT internals and investigates the scalability of ISPRAS approach on real life software example. The Object of Verification is an implementation of IPv6 protocol stack from Microsoft Research version 1.4 (with installation and tests launching instructions).

  • - This download contains documentation about the project on application of formal methods to conformance testing of an implementation of IPv6 protocol from Microsoft Research. The documentation includes technical report (MS Word) and presentation (MS PowerPoint).


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