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       We have a good background in formal specification languages and techniques. Our team is working with support tools for such specification languages as ASN.1, SDL, UML, TTCN and according to them is divided onto three sub groups:

ASN.1 subgroup

       This subgroup specializes in ASN.1 language and its main project is development of ASN.1 support environment that includes analyzers, code generators and run time support libraries.

    Adaptive code generation is very important for all formal specification languages, but especially for ASN.1 which is used for telecommunication protocol definitions and should be integrated with many other tools that support such languages as SDL, TTCN, UML and others. So the group is making research in adaptive code generation methods.

    Developers in ASN.1 subgroup are also working on optimization techniques for the size and speed of the generated code and testing methods.

SDL & UML subgroup

       This subgroup is working with SDL-2000 and UML support. The main components developed by SDL&UML team are SDL&UML front-end tools - parsers, unparsers, semantic analyzers. For semantic checks definitions OCL language is used and generator from OCL to C++ is implemented. This team is working on merging of SDL and UML languages and united semantic definition. It is also developing mapping between SDL-96 and SDL-2000 standards.

TTCN subgroup

    This subgroup is working on TTCN tool maintenance, support and consulting. It is resolving problems that are reported by customers of the TTCN tool.

       Everyday work of our team is tightly coordinated with Swedish company Telelogic AB and most of our development and support projects are being done under the contract between Telelogic and ISP. We are developing and maintaining tools and components for Telelogic software system. So we have a good experience in running project for external contractor, good communication skills and project management background.


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