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       Our group has strong experience in the following:

       Tool development for formal specification languages, that includes

  • syntactic analyzers development (scanners, parsers, unparsers)
  • semantic analyzers development (checking semantics, building internal representation, optimization, transformation)
  • access functionality development (access interface to internal representation of language model)
  • back end tool development (generation to target programming language or to other formal specification languages)
  • run time support libraries development (supporting generated code at run time)

       Expertise and solutions for formal specification languages such as

  • SDL
  • UML
  • ASN.1 (telecommunication protocols specification language) and other formal languages for data structures definition
  • TTCN (formal language for test systems specification)
  • MSC
  • Integration between formal specification languages solutions such as development of mapping rules, implementation of converters, combination of languages and joint semantics development

       Compiler construction and experience in compiler construction support tools, like COCKTAIL, that includes

  • Automatic scanner and parser generation tools, like REX and LARK from Cocktail toolkit
  • Tools for automatic generation of Abstract Syntax Tree definition and construction procedures, like AST from Cocktail toolkit
  • Tools for automatic generation of Abstract Syntax Tree traversing procedures, like PUMA from Cocktail toolkit
  • Attributed Grammars support tools

       Vast knowledge and development of telecom protocols support and data encoding and decoding procedures, that includes

  • Development of speed and size optimized code
  • Development of adaptable code
  • Development of integration interface

       Expertise and development in formal testing methods and languages

       Adaptable code generators development, development and application of methods that improve adaptive characteristics of generated or manually written code.

       Please, contact group leaders Elena Volkova or Alexander Bugerya if you have any comments, questions or proposals.


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