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       Everyday work of our team is tightly coordinated with Swedish company Telelogic AB ( and most of our development and support projects are being done under the contract between Telelogic and ISP. All team subgroups are developing and maintaining tools and components for Telelogic software system.

ASN.1 Utility:

      ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) is a formal specification language used to define implementation level protocols for telecommunication systems
      Our task within this project is to develop ASN.1 Compiler that automatically generates ASN.1 Encode and Decode procedures from ASN.1 protocol specification.

      ASN.1 Compiler is integrated with Telelogic software products SDL Suite and TTCN Suite that support analysis and code generation from SDL and TTCN specification languages.

      ASN.1 Utility implements the following functions:

  • Analysis of ASN.1 specification - syntactic and semantic analyzers
  • SDL generation from ASN.1
  • TTCN generation from ASN.1
  • Generation of encoding and decoding procedures from ASN.1 that support BER and PER encoding rules and some of their modifications

TTCN Suite Maintenance:

      TTCN (Tree and Tabular Combined Notation) is a formal specification language. Tests of "black box" communication systems can be specified with this notation
       Our task within this project is maintenance of Telelogic TTCN support component called TTCN Suite. Our daily work includes:

  • Consultations on TTCN tools
  • Implementation of additional features to TTCN Suite
  • Tool problems fixing (bug fixing)

SDL&UML tools:

      The main goal of this project is implementation of front end and back end tools that work with SDL and UML languages
       This includes:

  • SDL and UML scanners and parsers
  • SDL and UML semantic checker that uses OCL notation for automatic generation of some semantic checks
  • SDL and UML model transformations, for example, SDL-96 to UML conversion

       The work within this project is managed by Telelogic and the resulting components are integrated with Telelogic software.


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