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       CASE-technologies and formal specification languages offer significant advantages in the software development. They provide declarative notation for software behavior and tests definition. Powerful support tools and code generators from formal specification languages increase time-to-market of software systems and make it possible to get prototypes of developed software within small time and effort.

       The main activities of our group are in research, development and maintenance of tools and methods that support formal specification languages. We are working on the following modules of formal specification languages support tools:

  • syntactic analyzer (scanning, parsing, unparsing)
  • semantic analyzer (checking semantics, building internal representation, optimization, transformation)
  • access functionality (access interface to internal representation of language model)
  • back end tools (generation to target programming language or to other formal specification languages)
  • run time support libraries (supporting generated code at run time)

       We are also working on research and development of code generation methods for formal specification languages. Adaptive code generation techniques is one of our research branches.

       We are also working on generated code size and speed optimization methods.


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