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       Since 1995 the group conducts R&D projects relating to both STEP technologies and scientific computing applications. Often the performed projects interleaved by target goals. Nevertheless, common software engineering solutions based on proposed open architectures, developed object-oriented frameworks, general-purpose component libraries and CASE instruments were well suited to both directions. Most significant projects are the following.

National projects

  • Component-Based Architecture for Unified Development of CAD/CAM/CAE Systems

  • (The project aimed at design of open software architecture would be internally compliant with STEP SDAI interfaces and would allow component-based building of various applied systems)
  • An Open System for Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Visualization

  • (Russian Ministry for Industry, Science and Technology 1996-2001)
  • General-Purpose Mathematical Object-Oriented Library

  • Object-Oriented Methodology for Scientific Visualization

  • Component-Based Technology for Building Integrated Multidisciplinary Applications

  • (Russian Foundation of Basic Research 1996-2002)

International projects

  • 3D Integrated Object-Oriented Kernel for Application Development

  • (joint GMD FIRST, ISP RAS project 1995-1997; The project goal was based on STEP information models the integrated 3D modeling kernel suitable for a wide range graphic applications)
  • Volume Visualization for High-Performance Computing

  • (joint GMD FIRST, ISP RAS, IMM RAS project 1997-1999)
  • Visualization of Complex Physical Phenomena and Mathematical Objects in Virtual Environments

  • (INTAS project GMD IMK, RCCPT, ISP RAS, SFIT, MIRA Lab 1997-1999)

      Current activities extend the research and development topics significantly.


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