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STEPCASE Solutions

       To try some software engineering solutions provided by STEPCASE technology, you can download command line demo versions of separate tools and software components:

  • Part 21 Dictionary Generator: parses an EXPRESS file and generates a representation of the SDAI dictionary for the specified schemas in clear text encoding (ISO-10303-21).
  • Part 21 to XML Converter: converts data represented in clear text encoding (ISO-10303-21) into XML representation according to ISO-10303-28 (supports the following bindings: LB, ETEB; OSEB is under construction).
Visualization Solutions

       To become familiar with the original approach to Product Visualization, you can download the following materials:

  • Virtual Reality Modeling using Mapping Declarations (paper at 3IA'2002 CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER GRAPHICS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE).
  • EXPRESS schema for VRML97: redefines VRML97 concepts by introducing similar EXPRESS entities and emulating their states and behaviors in EXPRESS like manner.
  • IFC/VRML converter: converts IFC 2.0 data provided in Part21 file format to VRML97.


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