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       The STEPSET group consists of experienced scientists accumulating significant background and young, well educated researchers and developers exciting to promote perspective ideas and innovative software engineering technologies in practice. Therefore, the group is capable of carrying out R&D projects of almost any complexity in STEP field.

       As currently the group focuses on comprehensive STEPCASE solutions, some of perspective software projects could be implemented effectively with aid of these tools. The tools allow for highly automated development of a wide range applied systems directly from STEP information models. It is suggested that these may be distributed information systems like PDM and concurrent engineering environments, as well as functionally advanced standalone applications similar to CAD/CAM/CAE, GIS, scientific computing systems, virtual reality modeling environments.

       Taking into account a lot of industry product models have been developed by STEP-community for

  • Machinery

  • Airspace, automotive industries

  • Shipping

  • Electronics

  • Architecture/Engineering/Construction

  • Petroleum production

  • Pharmaceutics

  • GIS

  • Virtual Reality Modeling

       A potential area of STEPCASE applications seems to be extremely wide.

       To feel benefits of the accelerated software engineering with STEPCASE, you may provide us EXPRESS specifications of your business data model, EXPRESS-like specifications of computation and visualization techniques and will get functionally advanced prototype of your future system without any efforts! After the prototype has been generated, it can be customized and functionally evolved to suit to your specific needs.


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