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      Advanced CASE Solutions for STEP-compliant Applications
      The project goal is to accelerate software engineering processes typical for production of STEP-compliant components and systems. This is important segment of applied interoperable software relating to CALS technologies, Product Data Management, Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing and Engineering, Geo information, Scientific Computing.

      The project focuses on original CASE solutions effective for component-based building of advanced software systems directly from STEP information models.

      The STEPCASE product offers methodology, system architecture, and comprehensive suite of tools that allow the developers to significantly speed up software engineering processes and achieve competitive quality for shorter time at essentially smaller resources.

      The developed solutions comprise CASE tools:

  • EXPRESS translator to C++ (early, late and mixed bindings)
  • EXPRESS translators to IDL, UML/XML, HTML
  • EXPRESS generator of portable GUI (Qt)
  • EXPRESS generator of entity-relationship diagrams (multi-criteria fragmenting and segmenting of models)
  • STEPCASE Application Builder (interactive tool integrating the above command line capabilities) as well as system components being invariant with respect to a lot of distributed and standalone applications:
  • Multi-functional kernel compliant with SDAI (CORBA-based version for distributed applications)
  • Unified customized GUI
  • Dictionaries for SDAI and GUI components
  • General-purpose component libraries
  • System skeleton

      Due to the generic and comprehensive solutions offered by STEPCASE, functionally advanced prototypes of yours perspective software systems can be automatically generated from EXPRESS specifications and then carefully customized


      Product Data Management System for Architecture, Engineering and Construction
      IFC MANAGER is one of applications of underlying STEPCASE technology. It provides for advanced product data management functionality in conformity to Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry domain.

      IFC MANAGER - end-user system intended for effective manipulations of documents regulated by IFC2.0, IFC2.x standards by International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI). The system allows the users to manage IFC-driven product data across multi-documents within multi-user sessions and supports the following capabilities:

  • Document management
    • Analysis (statistics, effective search in documents, navigation by associations)
    • Verification (ISO 10303-11)
    • Theoretical-set operations over documents (comparison, splitting and merging)
    • Viewing and editing of objects
    • Life circle operations with objects (construct, copy, move, delete, deep operations)
    • 3D Viewing and exploring of architectural data

  • Document storing and converting
    • Internal binary format
    • Clear text encoding format (ISO 10303-21)
    • XML file format (ISO 10303-28)
    • Database (MySQL, Oracle)
    • VRML97 & X3D
    • Help (HTML and entity-relationship diagrams)

  • Drastic functional evolution

      Due to original open architecture IFC MANAGER allows both functional extensions and deep integration with third-party software systems.


      Open System for Complex Geophysical Explorations
      It is also STEPCASE technology application oriented on complex multidisciplinary geological explorations. The system has been developed using Epicentre model by Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (POSC). In view of comprehensiveness of the underlying data model, the generated system provides advanced capabilities to manage multifarious data and to solve complex geological problems. Consistent analysis and interpretation of data relating to area, well and seismic measures allow the geophysicists to extract geological features more exactly and to predict the explored fields by more reliable and effective way.
      The system provides typical data management functionality in combination with domain-meaningful capabilities:

  • Specific format converters
  • 2D viewers
  • Feature extractors

      GEO EXPLORER allows functional extensions connected with specific computations, visualization, and information retrieval.


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