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       STEPSET stands for Software Engineering Technologies in conformity to STEP information standards and models.

       This direction is adjacent to some R&D activities conducted since 1995 when the ISP RAS was established. In middle 90s the main area of interests was research and development of software architectures and applied systems compliant with STEP. Promising results, including deliverables of joint international projects, were presented at numerous international conferences and exhibitions.

       Recent activity of the STEPSET group is concentrated around software engineering solutions invariant with respect to a lot of STEP applications and oriented on software development & integration problems typically arisen in industry and science. The final attractive goal of STEPSET is formalization of general methodology and dissemination of advanced technology to derive quality software components and complete systems directly from STEP information models. Due to original architectural solutions and comprehensive suite of CASE tools, the technology developed allows improving software quality and reducing on cost significantly.

       Current staff of STEPSET group consists of experienced scientists and young researchers graduated from leading Russian universities: Moscow State University (MSU), State University of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and Moscow Technical University of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (MIREA). Some of them started their professional activity within the group when being undergraduates and now lead own research directions having Ph. D. status.

       The major interests of the STEPSET group are currently focused on effective software engineering solutions applicable to the following actual problems:

  • Advanced product data management and integration via UML/XML

  • Distributed concurrent engineering environments based on CORBA

  • Visualization and virtual prototyping of products with VRML/X3D

  • Component-based prototyping and building of multidisciplinary applied systems


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