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About the Institute for System Programming

       The Institute for System Programming (ISP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) was founded on January 25, 1994, from the departments of System Programming and Numerical Software, formerly of the Institute for Cybernetics Problems of the RAS.

       ISP RAS is embodied in the Division of Mathematical Sciences of the RAS under the guidance of the Presidium of the RAS. 

As an institute of the Academy ISP RAS has three main components of its activity:
  • Academic Research
  • Industrial Development
  • Education
       These components have strong influence on each other. Regular and Ph.D. students participate in Research and Development of the Institute. Development determines Research directions. Research results are used for applications Development.

Main R&D directions of the Institute are:

  • Program analysis, reverse engineering and verification
  • Parallel and distributed programming
  • Compiler technologies
  • Integration technologies of information resources
  • Neural networks and control
  • Discrete mathematics and numerical analysis
  • Cross development tools for embedded systems
       The Institute has more than 200 highly skilled researchers and software engineers, 11 of them have Doctor degree, 35 of them have Ph.D. degree. Many employees of the Institute are professors in classical and technical universities at the same time.

       ISP RAS library has a rich collection of monographs and periodicals on Computer Science and Software Engineering.


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