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Projects are sorted by R&D groups:

Project of Russian Foundation of Basic Research N 03-01-00323 (2003 - 2005):
Elaboration of multilevel hierarchical control systems on basis of method of autonomous adaptive control (AAC).

Project N 02-07 of INSTITUT FRANCO-RUSSE A.M. Liapunov d'informatique et de mathematiques appliquees:
Simulation of process of control in cardio-vascular system by means of neuron-like Autonomous Adaptive Control (AAC) system.

Project "4GN" with Advanced Technical Services APS
The development of the software tools suite "4GN" for supporting the process of modeling and prototyping or creation of applied AI systems on the basis of the Autonomous Adaptive Control (AAC) method.

Project "Gnome N 8" (2003-2005)
Adaptive control system of transport robot.

Extension of standard Java environment by facilities supporting SPMD programming.

Cluster Management System
System software for managing clusters and wide area computational networks is implemented.

Program Transformation Environment
An integrated environment for program analysis and transformation, including program obfuscation/deobfuscation, and dynamic (feedback-directed) program optimization.

Universal Quantitative Qualifier (UQQ)
UQQ performs abstract pattern recognition using clusterization and can serve as a kernel for various systems, where clusterization is possible to be applied.

"Doctor's Partner"
The system of information support of treatment.

Investigation of algorithmic methods of programs protection.
The aim of the project is developing methods of obfuscation and deobfuscation of programs.

LSB Formalization and Tests Development
  • Analysis of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) Core 3.1 (ISO/IEC 23360-1) standard to extract formal requirements for the functions of the main system libraries.
  • Development of an open-source test suite that performs functional and conformance testing of various Linux implementations against the requirements of LSB Standard with regard to behavior of system interfaces. The test suite is based on automatic test generation from formal specifications of the requirements.

MSR IPv6 verification
Goal - RFC requirements formalization in the form of formal specifications and testing of IPv6 implementation for conformance to these specifications.

J@T - Java Tesing toolkit
Goal - development of tool for specification-based Java API test support with specifications written in specification extension of Java language.

KVEST - Kernel VErification & Specification Technology
Goal - productization of specification-based testing technology.

KV - Kernel Verification project
Goal - development of formal specifications for operating system kernel API and implementation of test system running conformance testing automatically.

Intel grant dated at September 15, 2001
Result - a method for testing optimizing blocks of compilers based on abstract models is proposed.

RFBR (Russian Foundation for Basic Research) grants - 96-01-01277, 99-01-00207, 02-01-00959
Result - UniTesK methodology for specification-based testing is developed.

ASN.1 Utility
ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) is a formal specification language used to define implementation level protocols for telecommunication systems.

TTCN Suite Maintenance
TTCN (Tree and Tabular Combined Notation) is a formal specification language. Tests of "black box" communication systems can be specified with this notation.

SDL&UML tools
The main goal of this project is implementation of front end and back end tools that work with SDL and UML languages.

Advanced CASE Solutions for STEP-compliant Applications.

Product Data Management System for Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

Open System for Complex Geophysical Explorations.

inSight Project
Tools for Managed Software Architectures

Executable scenarios that close the gap between use cases and state-machine modeling

mpC for Windows
Development of mpC Parallel Programming System for Windows. It is innovative tool, which make parallel programming widely available.

mpC programming environment for Unix
Support and development of the mpC parallel programming environment for Unix.

Data distribution for linear algebra problems on heterogeneous networks of computers.
Investigation of data distribution for linear algebra problems on heterogeneous.

Development of computational kernel for Computational Fluid Dynamics problems
Development of computational kernel for Computational Fluid Dynamics problems.

Research and development in Parallelising Compilers
Research and development in Parallelising Compilers.

GNU SQL Server
Design and development of portable multiuser DBMS, which supports the SQL89 standard with some extensions from SQL92.

Implementing OMG CORBA 2.0 compliant ORB.

Design and development of heterogeneous data integration system based on virtual approach.

Cross Development Tools for Embedded Systems
Cross-development tools for various embedded systems (RISC MCU, VLIW DSP, RISC DSP).

Cross Development Tools Construction Framework.

Dynamically Configured Assembler/Disassembler.

Object Database Emulating System on the Top Of Relations.


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