At this part articles described the ParJava system are presented. You can read them as HTML documents or download pdf-files.
You can download our system to install and test it. All instructions how can you do it is presented. Moreover the FAQ is existed
A staff of this project is presented. Welcome for your questions, comments or suggestions.
A review of related works is prepared for. There are links to sites where you can get more information about discussed subject.

The description of the ParJava environment is presented. The ParJava is an extension of Java environment by facilities to support developing of effective scalable portable object-oriented parallel programs, which intended for as homogenous computing systems with shared memory as heterogeneous ones. The instrumental computing system for developing these programs can be as homogenous as heterogonous. The ParJava allows to use algorithms, which were designed for homogenous system on heterogeneous ones without losing of scalability. The ParJava environment contains low-level facilities to develop implement and execute the SPMD parallel programs on homogeneous and heterogeneous computing systems. In future, these facilities will allow to implement the high-level object models of parallel programming. The goal consists in design of useful and effective facilities supporting development of portable scalable parallel programs running on such systems.

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