Alexander K. Petrenko was born in Khimki, Moscow Region on June 11, 1951. Graduated from general school number 7 at Khimki (1968), Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Moscow Electrical Machinery Institute - MIEM (1974), diploma work on "Translator from LISP language", supervisors A.M. Rodionov and V.M. Mihelev. In March 1974 got position in Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics Institute, Soviet Academy of Sciencies. In 1983 got PhD degree for work on "Instrumental means for development of interactive tool sets" (supervisor Vs.S.Shtarkman). In 2003 got Doctor of Sciences degree in Institute for System Programming RAS for work on "Specification-based testing in software development processes". Academic status: senior reseacher (1994). Since 1994 works in Institute for System Programming RAS. Current position is Head of Software Engineering Department. Works in Moscow State University since 1999 in the position of assistant professor (1999-2004), professor (since 2004) of System Programming department of Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics.