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Current position Senior researcher
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kuliamin <[at]> ispras [(dot)] ru

  Phone: +7 495 9125317 ext. 4422
  Fax: +7 495 9121524
  Address: Institute for System Programming, Russain Academy of Sciences
B. Kommunisticheskaya, 25
109004, Moscow, Russia





I am involved in research, development, and teaching.

My current research interests are software engineering as a whole, software quality assurance, use of formal models and formal methods in software engineering and software quality asssurance, model based testing, formal methods in testing, essentially informal and human factors in software engineering.

But my PhD thesis is concerned with properties of polynomials in finite matrix ring.

As a developer and software architect I take part in the creation of UniTESK test development technology and development of supporting tools.

I was also involved as a scientific consultant in OLVER project concerned with conformance test development for Linux Standard Base.


Scientific activities

  I am a member of program committees of the following conferences.
2011 ICTSS 2011     2008 TESTCOM/FATES 2008  
  QSIC 2011         QSIC 2008  
  TAP 2011            
  PSSV 2011          
2010 ICTSS 2010     2007 TESTCOM/FATES 2007  
  QSIC 2010         QSIC 2007  
  TAP 2010            
  PSSV 2010          
2009 TESTCOM/FATES 2009     2005 FATES'2005  
  QSIC 2009            


2010 -... Practice on Web Technologies
Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University
2007-... Special course "Model-based Testing"
Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University
2004-... Special course "Software Development Technologies. Component-based Approach"
Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University
2001-2003 Section "Test Automation Methods" of the course "Formal Specifications of Software"
Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University
2001-... Student workshop "Software Verification and Validation"
System Programming Department, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University

Books and Monographs

  I. B. Burdonov, A. S. Kossatchev, V. V. Kuliamin
Theory of Conformance for Systems with Refusals and Forbidden Actions
In Russian
  Full book (pdf, 12 MB) Link    
  V. V. Kuliamin
Software Developement Technologies. Component-based Approach
In Russian
  Full book (pdf, 3.7 MB) Link Special course (in Russian)

Publications and talks

  V. Kuliamin, N. Pakulin, A. Tugaenko
Case Studies of Summer Model-based Testing Framework
Model-based Testing User Conference, October 18-20, 2011
  Presentation (pdf, 1.1 MB) Link  
  V. V. Kuliamin, A. A. Petukhov
A Survey of Methods for Constructing Covering Arrays
Programming and Computer Software, 37(3):121-146, 2011
  Article (pdf, 456 KB)   Link  
  V. Kuliamin, A. Petukhov
Covering Arrays Generation Methods Survey
Proceedings of ISOLA'2010, part II, LNCS 6416:382-396
  V. Kuliamin
Component architecture of model-based testing environment
Programming and Computer Software, 36(5):289-305, 2010
  Article (pdf, 205 KB) Link  
  A. Khoroshilov, V. Kuliamin, A. Petrenko, O. Petrenko, V. Rubanov
Building Open Learning Environment for Software Engineering Students
B. O. Czerkawski, ed. Free and Open Source Software for E-Learning: Issues, Successes, and Challenges, pp.110-119, IGI Global, 2010
  Article (pdf, 157 KB)   Link  
  V. Kuliamin
Component-based framework for model based testing
Talk on Dagstuhl Seminar 10421 Model-Based Testing in Practice, October 17-22, 2010
  Presentation (pdf, 896 KB) Link  
  V. Kuliamin
Goals, methods and resrictions of software requirements formalization
Lecture in Computer Science Club, Ekaterinburg , September 27-28, 2010
  Presentation (in Russian, pptx, 7.3 MB) Link  
  V. Kuliamin
Model Based Testing
Lecture in Computer Science Club PDMI RAS, April 25, 2010
  Presentation (in Russian, pptx, 2.2 MB) Link
  V. Kuliamin
The Practice of Standards Formalization
Talk in Microsoft Research, March 9, 2010
  Presentation (ppt, 2.8 MB)    
  V. Kuliamin
Formalization of Interface Standards in Practice
Talk on Workshop on Software Analysis and Development Technologies, CMC MSU, January 18, 2010
  Presentation (in Russian, ppt, 8.6 MB) Link
  V. Kuliamin
Integration of verification methods for program systems
Programming and Computer Software, 35(4):212-222, 2009
  Article (pdf, 170 KB) Link  
  V. Kuliamin
Complex test suites organization
ISP RAS Proccedings, 17:9-24, 2009
  Article (in Russian, pdf, 215 KB) Link  
  V. Kuliamin
Standardization and Testing of Mathematical Functions
Proceedings of PSI 2009, Novosibirsk, Russia, June 15-19, 2009
  Article (pdf, 143 KB) Presentation (ppt, 6.4 MB)  
  V. Kuliamin
Software Verification Tools: Current State and the Nearest Future
Invited talk on SYRCoSE 2009, Moscow, Russia, May 28-29, 2009
  Presentation (ppt, 4.7 MB)    
  V. Kuliamin, V. Omeltchenko, O. Petrenko
Formal Methods: for All or for Chosen?
Proceedings of CSEDU 2009, v. 2, pp. 217-222, Lisboa, Portugal, March, 23-26, 2009
  Article (pdf, 84 KB) Presentation (ppt, 1.9 MB)
  V. V. Kuliamin
Perpectives of software verification methods integration
ISP RAS Proccedings, 16:73-88, 2009
  Article (in Russian, pdf, 219 KB) Link
  R. S. Zybin, V. V. Kuliamin, A. V. Ponomarenko, V. V. Rubanov, E. S. Chernov
Automation of Broad Sanity Test Generation
Programming and Computer Software, 34(6):351-363, 2008
  Article (pdf, 133 KB) Link
  A. K. Petrenko, O. L. Petrenko, V. V. Kuliamin
Research Organizations in IT Education
ISP RAS Proccedings, 15:41-50, 2008
  Article (in Russian, pdf, 154 KB)    
  V. V. Kuliamin
Software verification methods.
Paper won the analitic reveiw contest on the topic "Information and Communication Systems", 2008.
  Article (in Russian, pdf, 909 KB) Link
  V. V. Kuliamin
Synthetic Structured Testing Tools
Talk on the seminar of ISP RAS Software Engineering department, June 19, 2008
  Presentation (in Russain, ppt, 1.3 MB)    
  R. S. Zybin, V. V. Kuliamin, A. V. Ponomarenko, V. V. Rubanov, E. S. Chernov
Azov Technology for Automatic Construction of Big Sanity Tests Suites
ISP RAS Proccedings, UniTESK Approach: Results and Perspective, 14(2):83-108, 2008
  Article (in Russain, pdf, 306 KB)    

E. S. Chernov, V. V. Kuliamin
Testing of Modern Trigonometric Functions Libraries
ISP RAS Proccedings, UniTESK Approach: Results and Perspective, 14(1):163-179, 2008

  Article (in Russain, pdf, 341 KB)    
  V. V. Kuliamin
Test Coverage Criteria Based on Structure of Contract Specifications
ISP RAS Proccedings, UniTESK Approach: Results and Perspective, 14(1):89-107, 2008
  Article (in Russain, pdf, 253 KB)    
  V. Kuliamin
Test Construction for Mathematical Functions
K. Suzuki, T. Higashino, A. Ulrich, T. Hasegawa, eds. Testing of Software and Communicating Systems, LNCS 5047:23-37
Proceedings of TESTCOM/FATES 2008, Tokyo, Japan, June 10-13, 2008
  Article (pdf, 200 KB) Presentation (ppt, 1.3 MB)
  A. K. Petrenko, V. V. Kuliamin, O. L. Petrenko, V. V. Rubanov, A. V. Khoroshilov
IT Education Approach Based on FLOSS Projects
Proceedings of 6-th confernece on IT Education in Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod, May 12-13, 2008
  Article (in Russain, pdf, 236 KB) Link
  V. Kuliamin
Testing Technologies Developed in ISP RAS
Talk on the seminar in NIISI RAS, Febrauary 20, 2008
In Russian
  Presentation (ppt, 1.2 MB)    
  V. Kuliamin, A. Khoroshilov
IT Practical Training Based on Open Software Development Projects
Proceedings of 3-rd conference , Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia, February 2-3, 2008
  Ext. abstract (in Russain, pdf, 78 KB) Add. text (in Russain, pdf, 98 KB)
  A. K. Petrenko, A. V. Demakov, V. V. Kuliamin, N. V. Pakulin, V. Rubanov
Development and Applications of Automated Software Testing Technology Based on Formal Specifications.
Russian government premium for young researchers challenging work.
  Article (in Russain, pdf, 655 KB)    
  V. P. Ivannikov, A. S. Kamkin, A. S. Kossatchev, V. V. Kuliamin, and A. K. Petrenko
The use of contract specifications for representing requirements and for functional testing of hardware models
Programming and Computer Software, 33(5):272-282, 2007
  Article (in Russain, pdf, 300 KB) Link  
  I. B. Bourdonov, A. S. Kossatchev, V. V. Kuliamin
Formalization of test experiments
Programming and Computer Software, 33(5):239-260, 2007
  Article (in Russain, pdf, 601 KB) Link  

V. V. Kuliamin
Standardization and Testing of Implementations of Mathematical Functions in Floating Point Numbers
Programming and Computer Software, 33(3):154-173, 2007

  Article (pdf, 172 KB) Link
  V. V. Kuliamin
Approaches to Complex Test Suite Organization
Proceedings of Workshop "Go4IT - a Step to Future Internet Technologies", Moscow, Russia, April 17-18, 2007
  Article (in Russian, pdf, 300 KB) Presentation (ppt, 943 KB)

V. V. Kuliamin, A. K. Petrenko, V. V. Rubanov, A. V. Khoroshilov
Formalization of Interface Standards and Automatic Conformance Test Construction
Talk on The Second Conference on Software Engineering (Russia), SEC(R) 2006, Moscow, Russia, November 16-17, 2006
In Russian

  Article (pdf, 349 KB) Presentation (link)  
  I. B. Bourdonov, A. S. Kossatchev, V. V. Kulyamin
Computer security, verification, and correspondence theory
Talk on the The Second International Scientific Conference on Security and Countering Terrorism Issues, Moscow, Russia, October 26, 2006
In Russian  
  A. V. Khoroshilov, V. V. Kuliamin, N. V. Pakoulin, O. L. Petrenko, A. A. Sortov
Requirements Formalization in Practice
ISP RAS Preprint 13, Moscow, Russia, 2006
In Russian
  Article (pdf, 1.1 MB)    
  A. Grinevich, A. Khoroshilov, V. Kuliamin, D. Markovtsev, A. Petrenko, V. Rubanov
Formal Methods in Industrial Software Standards Enforcement
Proceedings of PSI'2006, Novosibirsk, Russia, June 26-30, 2006
  Article (pdf, 218 KB) Presentation (ppt, 2.5 MB)
  V. Kuliamin and E. Kornykhin
Formal Verification: Methods and Applications
Talk on the seminar in ISP RAS June 16, 2006
In Russian
  Presentation (ppt, 517 KB)    
  V. V. Kuliamin, V. A. Omelchenko, and O. L. Petrenko
Forming Professional Expertise of Modern Software Developer
ISP RAS Proccedings, 9:237-250, 2006
In Russian
  Article (pdf, 382 KB)      
  V. Kuliamin
Testing Technologies Developed in ISP RAS
Talk on the seminar in NIISI RAS, May 31, 2006
In Russian
  Presentation (ppt, 1.2 MB)    
  I. B. Bourdonov, A. S. Kossatchev, V. V. Kuliamin
Formal Conformance Testing of Systems with Refused Inputs and Forbidden Actions
Proceedings of MBT'2006 (in ETAPS'2006), March 25-26 2006, Vienna, Austria
  Article (pdf, 386 KB) Presentation (ppt, 1.5 MB)
  V. P. Ivannikov, A. S. Kamkin, V. V. Kuliamin, and A. K. Petrenko
Application of UniTesK Technology to Functional Testing of Hardware Models
ISP RAS Preprint 8, Moscow, Russia, 2005
In Russian
  Article (pdf, 775 KB)      
  V. V. Kuliamin
Test Sequence Construction Using Minimum Information on the Tested System
Programming and Computer Software, 31(6):301-309, 2005
  V. V. Kuliamin, V. A. Omelchenko, and O. L. Petrenko
Active Learning Facilitates Success of Formal Methods in Practice
Proceedings of SEEFM'2005, Orchid, Macedonia, November 18-19, 2005
  Article (pdf, 117 KB)      
  V. Kuliamin , A. Petrenko, and N. Pakoulin
Extended Design-by-Contract Approach to Specification and Conformance Testing of Distributed Software
Proceedings of WMSCI'2005, Orlando , USA , July 10-13, 2005, v. VII. Model Based Development and Testing, pp.  65-70
  Article (pdf, 75 KB) Presentation (ppt, 685 MB)  
  V.   Kuliamin , A. Petrenko, and N. Pakoulin
Practical Approach to Specification and Conformance Testing of Distributed Network Applications
Proceedings of ISAS'2005, Berlin, Germany , April 25-26, 2005, pp. 60-73
M. Malek, E. Nett, N. Suri , eds. Service Availability. LNCS 3694, pp. 68-83, Springer-Verlag, 2005.
  Article (pdf, 173 KB) Presentation (ppt, 551 KB) Link
  V. V. Kuliamin
Testing Distributed Software on .NET Platform
Talk on Microsoft Academic Days Russia'2005, Vinogradovo, Russia, April 20-21, 2005
  Presentation (ppt, 694 KB)      
  E. N. Britvina, N. L. Kazakova, V. V. Kuliamin, and A. K. Petrenko
UniTesK - Software Test Development Technology
Proccedings of MEPHI Scientific Session-2005, Moscow, Russia, January 24-28, 2005, pp. 51-52
In Russian
  Article (pdf, 216 KB) Presentation (ppt, 299 KB)  
  V. V. Kuliamin
Combinatorics of Words and Test Sequence Construction
ISP RAS Proccedings, 8(1):25-40, 2004
In Russian
  Article (pdf, 423 KB)      
  A. V. Barantsev, V. V. Kuliamin, V. A. Omeltchenko, and O. L. Petrenko
Problems of Transition for Science Intensive Technologies
ISP RAS Proccedings, 8(1):9-24, 2004
In Russian
  Article (pdf, 350 KB)      
  V. Kuliamin
Model Based Testing of Large-scale Software: How Can Simple Models Help to Test Complex System
Proceedings of the 1-st International Symposium on Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods (ISOLA'2004), Paphos, Cyprus, October 30-Novermber 2, 2004, pp. 311-316
  Article (pdf, 145 KB) Presentation (ppt, 753 KB)  
  A. S. Kossatchev, I. B. Bourdonov, and V. V. Kuliamin
Distributed System Functional Specification Metamodel Intended for Testing
Proceedings of Russian Conference on Scientific Services in Internet, Abrau-Durso, Russia, September 20-25, 2004
In Russian
  V. Kuliamin and A. Petrenko
Applying Model Based Testing in Different Contexts
Proceedings of Seminar on Perspectives on Model Based Testing (Dagstuhl Seminar 04371), Dagstuhl, Germany, September 5-10, 2004
  Article (pdf, 305 KB) Presentation (ppt, 452 KB)  
  V. V. Kuliamin, V. A. Omeltchenko, and O. L. Petrenko
Learning Advanced Software Development Methods: Problems and Solutions
ISP RAS Proccedings, 5:91-108, 2004
  Article (pdf, 204 KB)      
  A. V. Barantsev, I. B. Burdonov, A. V. Demakov, S. V. Zelenov, A. V. Khoroshilov, A. S. Kossatchev, V. V. Kuliamin, V. A. Omeltchenko, N. V. Pakoulin, and A. K. Petrenko
UniTesK Approach to Test Development: Achievements and Prospects
ISP RAS Proccedings, 5:109-140, 2004
  Article (pdf, 509 KB)    
  V. V. Kuliamin and A. K. Petrenko
Model Based Testing. Theory, Tools, and Applications
Talk on Lomonosov Readings in Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, April 26, 2004
In Russian
  Presentation (ppt, 1.0 MB)      
  V. Kuliamin
Multi-paradigm Models as Source for Automated Test Construction
Proceedings of the 1-st Workshop on Model Based Testing (MBT'2004, in ETAPS'2004), Barcelona, Spain, March 27-38, 2004
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 111:137-160, Elseveir, 2005
  Article (pdf, 386 KB) Presentation (ppt, 487 KB) Link
  V. Kuliamin
Model Based Testing. Theory, Tools, and Applications
Talk on research in RedVerst group on the seminar dedicated to 10-th anniversaryof ISP RAS, January 26, 2004
In Russian
  Presentation (ppt, 1.1 MB)    
  I. B. Bourdonov, A. S. Kossatchev, and V. V. Kuliamin
Irredundant Algorithms for Traversing Directed Graphs: The Nondeterministic Case
Programming and Computer Software, 30(1):2-17, 2004
  V. Kuliamin, A. Petrenko, A. Kossatchev, and I. Bourdonov
UniTesK: Model Based Testing in Industrial Practice
Proceedings of the 1-st European Conference on Model-Driven Software Engineering (ECMDSE), Nuremberg, Germany, December 11-12, 2003, pp. 55-63
  Article (pdf, 139 KB) Presentation (ppt, 1.4 MB)
  V. V. Kuliamin, A. K. Petrenko, A. S. Kossatchev, and I.  B. Burdonov
The UniTesK Approach to Designing Test Suites
Programming and Computer Software, 29(6):310-322, 2003
  I. B. Bourdonov, A. S. Kossatchev, and V. V. Kuliamin
Irredundant Algorithms for Traversing Directed Graphs: The Deterministic Case
Programming and Computer Software, 29(5):245-258, 2003
  V. V. Kuliamin, A. K. Petrenko, N. V. Pakoulin, A. S. Kossatchev, and I. B. Bourdonov
Integration of Functional and Timed Testing of Real-time and Concurrent Systems
Proceedings of PSI'2003, Novosibirsk, Russia, July 9-12, 2003
LNCS 2890:450-461, Springer-Verlag, 2003
  Article (pdf, 151 KB) Presentation (ppt, 602 KB)
  V. V. Kuliamin and O. L. Petrenko
Testing among Software Quality Control Methods
ISP RAS Proccedings, 4:163-176, 2003
In Russian  
  Article (pdf, 364 KB)      
  I. B. Bourdonov, A. S. Kossatchev, and V. V. Kuliamin
Asynchronous Automata: Classification and Testing
ISP RAS Proccedings, 4:7-84, 2003
In Russian
  Article (pdf, 1.5 MB) Link to RedVerst Publications  
  A. Petrenko and V. Kuliamin
Theory and Practice of Coverification Process: UniTesK Story
Tutorial on ETAPS'2003, Warshaw, Poland, April 12, 2003
  Presentation (ppt, 5.4 MB) Printable materials (ppt, 3.9 MB)
  I. Bourdonov, A. Kossatchev, V. Kuliamin, and A. Petrenko
UniTesK Test Suite Architecture
Proceedings of FME'2002 (in FLoC'2002), Kopenhagen, Denmark, July 22-24, 2002
LNCS 2391:77-88, Springer-Verlag, 2002
  Article (pdf, 138 KB) Presentation (ppt, 590 KB)
  A. Koptelov, V. Kuliamin, and A. Petrenko
VDM++TesK: Testing of VDM++ Programs
Proceedings of the 3-rd VDM Workshop (in FloC'2002), Kopenhagen, Denmark, July 20-21, 2002, pp. 41-56
  Article (pdf, 140 KB)      
  I. B. Bourdonov, A. V. Demakov, A. A. Jarov, A. S. Kossatchev, V. V. Kuliamin, A. K. Petrenko, and S. V. Zelenov
Java Specification Extension for Automated Test Development
Proceedings of PSI'2001, Novosibirsk, Russia, July 2-6, 2001
LNCS 2244:301-307, Springer-Verlag, 2001
  Article (pdf, 144 KB) Presentation (ppt, 228 KB)
  A. Petrenko, I.  Bourdonov, A. Kossatchev, and V. Kuliamin
Experiences in Using Testing Tools and Technology in Real-life Applications
Proceedings of SETT'2001, Pune, India, pp. 3-39, 2001
  Article (pdf, 220 KB)      
  I. B. Burdonov, A. S. Kossatchev, and V. V. Kulyamin
Application of Finite Automatons for Program Testing
Programming and Computer Software, 26(2):61-73, 2000
  Article (pdf, 156 KB)      
V. V. Kuliamin
On Ranges of Polynomials in Finite Matrix Rings
Ph.D Thesis. Under supervision of Prof. A. V. Mikhalev
In Russian
  Abstract (pdf, 175 KB) Thesis (pdf, 690 KB)
  V. V. Kulyamin
Images of Graded Polynomials in Matrix Rings over Finite Group Algebras
Russian Mathematical Surveys, 55(2):345-346, 2000
  V. V. Kulyamin
On Ranges of Polynomials in the Ring M2(Z/8Z)
Fundamental and Applied Mathematics, 6(1):275-280, 2000
In Russian
  V. V. Kuliamin
On Ranges of Polynomials in the Matrix Rings over Galois Rings
Proceedings of International Workshop on Algebra, Moscow, Russia, 1999
In Russian
  V. V. Kulyamin
On Images of Polynomials in Finite Matrix Rings
Fundamental and Applied Mathematics, 3(2):469-485, 1997
In Russian